If We Ever Get There

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If We Ever Get There

If We Ever Get There

A Novel

By: Laura Barrow

audio performed by: Megan Tusing
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:06/18/2024


From the author of Call the Canaries Home comes the heartwarming tale of two generations of women struggling to find their way…until the voice of Patsy Cline shines a light.

When her nineteen-year marriage ends, stay-at-home mom Effie Baker takes the first step into her new life with an extreme makeover. She assumes she’ll wake up with a renewed sense of confidence, not a vision of country music icon Patsy Cline telling her she needs to “set things right.” But like everything else lately, the last thing Effie expected is exactly what she gets.

Although the message is cryptic, Effie is certain it must have something to do with her grandmother, Lolly, who idolized the singer. While Lolly’s past may hold the key to her granddaughter’s future, it’s up to Effie to figure out what these connections mean on her own.

In the whirlwind of a new job, a mysterious stranger, and the ups and downs of everyday life, Effie will have to decide what relationships are worth saving and summon the courage to find her own voice.

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