Lead Boldly

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Lead Boldly

Lead Boldly

How to Coach Others to Greatness

By: Hugh Blane

series:The Transformational Coach
audio performed by: Hugh Blane
genre: Business - Business
publication date:07/08/2024


“An essential guide for anyone committed to inspiring and achieving greatness with authenticity.”
—Dr. Jennifer Brown, CEO of NorthStar Consulting

In Lead Boldly, peak performance coach Hugh Blane shares his three guiding principles for converting human potential into inspired performance. He does this by providing a detailed road map for transforming a leader’s results at work and home in unprecedented ways.

Lead Boldly makes the compelling case that there are vast levels of untapped potential in every corner and cubicle of organizations. Because of unparalleled stress, burnout, disengagement, and continual distraction, employers are sitting on a treasure trove of potential but have, until Lead Boldly, lacked the keys to developing the mindset and skill set to unlock it.

Every successful leader can identify the one person in their life who coached them to achieve greatness, a level of greatness they thought impossible. Lead Boldly provides readers with a step-by-step process to become the person known for coaching others to greatness. The process Hugh Blane presents will challenge you, encourage you, and, at times, mystify you, but ultimately it will catapult you to achieve unparalleled accomplishments

“Hugh’s understanding of peak performance is a force to be reckoned with in the field of professional development.”
—Mike Rice, CEO (Retired) of BioLife Solutions

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