W.E.B. Griffin Zero Option

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W.E.B. Griffin Zero Option

W.E.B. Griffin Zero Option

By: Peter Kirsanow

series:Men at War #9
audio performed by: Stefan Rudnicki
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller-Military
publication date:07/09/2024


Dick Canidy races to stop an assassin from disrupting a vital conference that will shape the course of World War II in this electrifying entry in W.E.B. Griffin's New York Times bestselling Men at War series.

November 1943. Stalin is pressing the Allies to open a second front in Europe in order to ease the pressure on the bloody grinding war in the East. Roosevelt and Churchill agree to meet the Soviet premiere in Tehran.

Wild Bill Donovan, the charismatic leader of the OSS, has intelligence that someone is planning to assassinate either or both of the Western leaders at the conference. He sends his best agent, Dick Canidy, to thwart the plan, but how can he do that when he doesn't even know if the killer is a Nazi or an Ally?

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