Hell Is Always Today

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Hell Is Always Today

Hell Is Always Today

By: Jack Higgins

series:Nick Miller Series #3
audio performed by: Michael Page
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:09/07/2016


When the body of a young women—the fifth to die in as many weeks—is found in a rain-soaked alley, the city is gripped with mortal fear. A mad killer known as the Rainlover walks among them, and no one, not even the police, knows when he will strike again.

But Detective Sergeant Nick Miller has more than the Rainlover on his mind—like boxer-turned-expert-cat-burglar Gunner Sean Doyle. He’s busted out of prison, and Nick wants to put him back behind bars in the worst way. What neither of them knows is that each of their fates will be decided high above the streets, with cop and convict facing down their most daunting challenges the only way they know how.…

“Higgins makes the pages fly.” —New York Daily News

“Higgins is the master.” —Tom Clancy