Beast in Cañada Diablo, The

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Beast in Cañada Diablo, The

Beast in Cañada Diablo, The

And Other Stories

By: Les Savage, Jr.

genre: Fiction - Western
publication date:09/10/2013
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In the title novella of this collection, restored to the author’s original intentions, the incomparable Les Savage, Jr. combines the thrills, action and romance of the traditional Western with gripping suspense.

A gigantic cat-like creature of an ancient Mexican myth is stalking the dense underbrush of the Texas brasada. It has already killed two men. When three rustlers must decide between going into the very heart of its lair or turning back to face the noose, they readily plunge into the tangled woods. But will they be wily enough to outwit the beast in its own territory…or will they only add to the killer’s legend?