My Mother and Other Wild Animals

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My Mother and Other Wild Animals

My Mother and Other Wild Animals

An Essay

By: Andrew Sean Greer

audio performed by: Andrew Sean Greer
genre: Entertainment - Humor
publication date:04/16/2024


A mother and son embark on the road trip of a lifetime in a charming, poignant essay about making memories, facing fears, and donning fried-egg costumes by the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Less.

Andrew Sean Greer can’t wait to get home to San Francisco after a writer’s residency in Kansas. But when his mother, Sandra, decides to come along for the ride, he has a new goal: get her to crack a smile at every stop, whether breathtaking or breathtakingly kitschy.

He’s always known his mother to be as efficient and serious as a chemist (which she happens to be), always in gray, eyebrow cocked, and handling challenges with grace. To mix things up, Andrew develops an elaborate itinerary of planned chaos. Ahead, twenty-six hours of landmarks, pecan divinity, show tunes, and bizarre lodgings for the wild at heart. Best of all, mile by mile, mother and son realize how very much alike they are. And that this is just the escape they both needed.

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