Rules to Break and Laws to Follow

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Rules to Break and Laws to Follow

Rules to Break and Laws to Follow

How Your Business Can Beat the Crisis of Short-Termism

By: Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Ph.D.

audio performed by: Martha Rogers, Ph.D., Don Peppers
genre: Business - Business-Decision Making
publication date:02/15/2008


Rule #1: The best measure of success for your business is current sales and profit.
Rule # 2: With the right sales and marketing effort, you can always get more customers.
Rule # 3: Company value is created by offering differentiated products and services.

These three golden rules for running a successful business may look no more dangerous than ordinary common sense, but in truth they’re deadly. With customers sharing their experiences electronically with millions of other customers, the technology of business has changed so radically that the old accepted wisdoms just don’t work any more. In Rules to Break and Laws to Follow, marketing gurus Don Peppers and Martha Rogers challenge you to break the rules and propose a whole new way of thinking about how to create real shareholder value in today’s competitive environment, operating with today’s technologies.

In this revolutionary guidebook, you’ll discover the do’s and don’ts that every company should follow in order to be successful and retain good customers. The audiobook also presents the 12 Laws to Follow—guidelines to ensure that your business can surmount the Crisis of Short-Termism smothering so many businesses today. Throughout, Peppers and Rogers propose various proven tactics and strategies to help you earn and keep the trust of your customers.