How to Become a Better Negotiator

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How to Become a Better Negotiator

How to Become a Better Negotiator

By: Richard A. Luecke, James G. Patterson

series:WorkSmart Series
audio performed by: Jim Bond
genre: Business - Business
publication date:08/01/2008


Everything you do in life involves some sort of negotiation. You negotiate with your boss over your salary . . . with your coworkers over where to hold a meeting . . . and even with your family about where to take a vacation. When you buy a car, sell an idea, or solve any problems that involve others, your ability to negotiate is the key factor to getting what you want, and what you deserve.

How to Become a Better Negotiator shows you the five basic steps of negotiation, how to avoid negotiation pitfalls and arrive at a successful conclusion. It covers important topics such as listening, assertiveness and how to deal with hostile opponents. This audiobook also teaches the common characteristics shared by all great negotiators, the different tactics for handling conflict, and how to plan and execute a successful negotiation strategy.