Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

How to Create an Action Plan and Achieve Your Goals

By: Michael S. Dobson, Susan B. Wilson

series:WorkSmart Series
audio performed by: Jim Bond
genre: Business - Business
publication date:06/01/2008


In today’s hectic work environment, the chances are that you have way too much to do and too little time to get it done. No matter how accomplished and capable you are, achieving your goals can seem almost insurmountable. Why is it that some people consistently seem to get more done than others? The answer is that they know how to set specific, achievable goals for themselves...and then follow through on them.

This revised and updated audio edition of Goal Setting offers listeners practical tools and powerful techniques on how to set a goal, make a plan, and achieve an objective. The audio book teaches you how to:

  • act upon your objectives in a precise, targeted way
  • recognize obstacles and overcome them
  • become more assertive
  • change counterproductive behavior
  • establish priorities
  • make the most of your time
Achieving goals takes hard work and discipline, but it can be done.

The worksheets and graphics found in the print and ebook editions of this book have been adapted for audio.