Five Funny Bunnies

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Five Funny Bunnies

Five Funny Bunnies

Three Bouncing Tales

By: Jean Van Leeuwen

genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:03/20/2012
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Meet the bunnies. There’s bossy big sister Flossie. The twins, Homer and Henry, always on the go. Little George. He loves trucks and tricks. And messy but much loved Baby Sadie. She’s small, but does that stop her? No way!

Whether trying to outdo each other or cheering one another on, making the most of an unexpected mishap or coping with a big sister in charge, these high-spirited bunnies will hop, pop, twirl, and leap right into your heart. Irresistible watercolor illustrations by Anne Wilsdorf bring these three wise and witty stories to life.

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