Day of Judgment

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Day of Judgment

Day of Judgment

By: Jack Higgins

series:Simon Vaughn Series #3
audio performed by: Michael Page
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:10/15/2010


Unprecedented security surrounds President Kennedy's historic visit to Berlin in 1963, the latest propaganda salvo in the Cold War between East and West.

But now the East German masters plan a devastating counterstrike...

A concentration camp survivor held at gunpoint in the impregnable fortress of Schloss Neustadt. Forced to publicly betray the West. As the countdown approaches zero, the hand-picked rescue team storms the border. Prepared to kill or be killed for freedom...

"A thriller writer in a class of his own." —Financial Times

"Jack Higgins is undoubtedly a master craftsman." —Sunday Telegraph

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