Rattlesnake Mesa

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Rattlesnake Mesa

Rattlesnake Mesa

By: Peter Dawson

genre: Fiction - Western
publication date:10/01/2013
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Luke Barron, riding at night beyond Rattlesnake Mesa on his way to the Eagle Cañon mining camp, sees an old woman cutting down a body hanging from a tree. A sign is attached to the body: Luke Barron, Beware! And things only get worse when Luke rides into the camp, determined to find out why anyone would want him dead. That’s when he discovers that a certain Luke Barron, along with his gang, has been preying on the miners, and the miners are dead set on putting an end to it. If Luke wants to escape the hangman’s noose, he has no choice but to take another name, find that other Luke Barron, and prove his own innocence before a case of mistaken identity becomes fatal!