Liar, Liar

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Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar

The Theory, Practice and Destructive Properties of Deception

By: Gary Paulsen

audio performed by: Joshua Swanson
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Young Adult
publication date:12/01/2016


Kevin has a big talent. Some might call it compulsive lying. He calls it common sense.

Kev doesn’t mean to cause trouble by lying all the time; he’s just trying to make everything easier for everyone (and himself). And, of course, a few harmless, um, falsehoods are crucial to his plan to convince Tina that he’s the perfect boyfriend for her.

In Gary Paulsen’s irresistible and chaotic comedy, Kevin’s lies spiral out of control until he’s faced with the need to do the unthinkable: tell the truth.