Getting Together

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Getting Together

Getting Together

Building Relationships As We Negotiate

By: Roger Fisher, Scott Brown

audio performed by: Jim Bond
genre: Business - Business
publication date:09/15/2009


Expanding on the principles, insights and wisdom that made GETTING TO YES a worldwide bestseller, Roger Fisher and Scott Brown offer a straightforward approach to creating relationships that can deal with difficulties as they arise. GETTING TOGETHER takes you step-by-step through initiating, negotiating, and sustaining enduring relationships — in business, in government, between friends and in the family. The Steps: Rationality — Balance emotion with reason. Understanding — Learn how others see things. Communication — Always consult before deciding…and listen. Reliability — Be wholly trustworthy, but not wholly trusting. Persuasion, not coercion — Negotiate side by side. Acceptance — Deal seriously, with those with whom you differ.