Ask Deepak About Love & Relationships

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Ask Deepak About Love & Relationships

Ask Deepak About Love & Relationships

By: Deepak Chopra

series:Ask Deepak
audio performed by: Joyce Bean, Deepak Chopra
genre: Mind/Body/Spirit - Body, Mind & Spirit
publication date:01/06/2015


Reflections, thoughts, and inspirations on big questions about love and relationships from writer and philosopher Deepak Chopra

Join the New York Times bestselling author on a journey of personal, social, global, and spiritual transformation to ease your mind and soul. The Ask Deepak series was created to encourage people to live healthier, fuller lives and to be more aware. Deepak Chopra delivers this inspiring project for personal and global transformation. Learn about spirituality, wellness, healthy living, and humor, as they relate to love and relationships, and much more.

Ask Deepak About Love and Relationships espouses the core philosophy that we all are empowered to direct our own lives and that not only do we learn from our own experiences; we also learn from the experiences of others.” —Suna Senman, LMSW, True Identity Mentor and Author