Infinity Reborn

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Infinity Reborn

Infinity Reborn

By: S. Harrison

series:The Infinity Trilogy #3
audio performed by: Fiona Hardingham
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Young Adult
publication date:06/28/2016
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Perfection has its price, and humanity is about to pay…unless seventeen-year-old Finn Blackstone can stop the looming threat. Her father, a brilliant but mad global tech tycoon, has deemed humanity too flawed to tolerate, and he’s determined to pave the way for a superior species. Finn is the only one capable of foiling his apocalyptic schemes, but she’s being held captive—not only physically but also by the dark secrets and darker impulses within her own fractured mind.

Though her allies are dwindling and she has been betrayed by those she trusted most, Finn makes a desperate attempt to free herself and races to save humanity from total annihilation. To succeed, she must finally accept the truth about what she really is—and embrace the terrifying power she has possessed all along.