Conservatarian Manifesto, The

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Conservatarian Manifesto, The

Conservatarian Manifesto, The

Libertarians, Conservatives, and the Fight for the Right's Future

By: Charles C. W. Cooke

audio performed by: Charles C. W. Cooke
genre: Political/Social - Political Science
publication date:02/23/2016


There is an underserved movement budding among young conservatives, in which fiscal responsibility and controlled government spending remain crucial tenets, but issues like gay marriage and drug control are approached with a libertarian bent.

The ideas of this growing wave need a public, nuanced voice. The implications for the Republican party if this philosophy is more widely adopted may not only spur major change within the party, but could also revitalize its chances of claiming more power in our government.

Author Charles Cooke has coined the term "conservatarian" for this group, and The Conservatarian Manifesto is his explanation of what defines this new breed of Republican, what they believe on every hot-button issue of our day, and how they can effect change within the GOP. This audiobook is a blueprint of action and ideology for the growing population of socially liberal, fiscally conservative young members of the political Right.