Powder River - Season Six

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Powder River - Season Six

Powder River - Season Six

A Radio Dramatization

By: Jerry Robbins



In Season Six of Powder River, Etta and Jacob discover a 10 year old boy, Levi Curtis, chopping wood at their home, acting as if he lived there. Britt soon discovers he is the sole survivor of an Indian attack on the Conestoga wagon he's traveling in with his family. Britt realizes Levi has no relatives and prepares to take him to the orphanage in Sheridan. When the telephone line arrives in Clearmont, Millie hires Etta to work the switchboard. Etta soon begins hearing things she shouldn’t: other people’s conversations. Season highlights include Doc’s Peril, where a man is murdered, money is stolen, and Doc is the prime suspect, and The Fond Farewell, as Chad leaves Clearmont to join the Texas Rangers. Episodes include: “Out Of The Blue,” “Changes And Tall Tales,” “Challenges,” “The Ghost,” “The Fight, Pt. 1,” “The Fight, Pt.2,” “The Thanksgiving Story, Pt. 1,” “The Thanksgiving Story, Pt. 2,” “The River Romance,” “This Modern Age,” “The New Hat,” “The Silent Night,” “Conversations,” “Doc’s Peril,” and “The Fond Farewell.”