Powder River - Season Five

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Powder River - Season Five

Powder River - Season Five

A Radio Dramatization

By: Jerry Robbins



Five years have gone by since the devastation of the buffalo stampede hit Clearmont, and the three part season opener titled The Twisted Badge puts Marshal Britt MacMasters in the most dangerous place he has ever been – the other side of the Law. In Those We Leave Behind, Britt finds 15 year old Matt Andersen alone on the prairie - the son of an outlaw recently killed in a shoot out. Meanwhile, Jud Corey, whose brother was killed by the outlaw years before, wants his revenge on the boy, and in The Gunfighter, Chad encounters his first crisis as deputy when a mob wants to lynch a reformed gunfighter who has stopped in Clearmont on the way to his daughter’s wedding. These and many other exciting adventures from the entire fifth season are presented in this Special Collector's Edition! Episodes include: The Twisted Badge, Part 1/ The Twisted Badge, Part 2 / The Twisted Badge, Part 3/ Rawhoof/ Those We Leave Behind, Part 1/ Those We leave Behind, Part 2/ Into Their Own Hands, Part 1/ Into Their Own Hands, Part 2/ Dry Goods And Hardware/ The Rival/ The Tip of the Hand and the Tell of the Eye/ Why Dawes Is A Bachelor/ The Gunman/ Happily Ever After/ Clearmont