Don Quixote (AmazonClassics Edition)

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Don Quixote (AmazonClassics Edition)

Don Quixote (AmazonClassics Edition)

By: Miguel de Cervantes

audio performed by: Michael Page
genre: Classics - Classics
publication date:03/03/2020


Don Quixote, a man driven by chivalrous ideals and wild delusions, adopts sword and lance as a knight-errant to defend the weak, slay the ignoble, and win the heart of the farm girl he envisions as a princess. In his world of fantasy—where inns are castles, peasants are kings, and windmills are beasts—Quixote, his nag, and his sound but devoted squire, Sancho Panza, set forth on a picaresque adventure conceivable only to a man obsessed.

One part legendary quest, one part metareflection of that very legend, Don Quixote remains, after four centuries, one of the most radical, profound, playful, and heartbreaking epics ever dreamed.

Revised edition: Previously published as Don Quixote, this edition of Don Quixote (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

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