Play for Revenge, A

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Play for Revenge, A

Play for Revenge, A

By: Cynthia Ellingsen

series:A Starlight Cove Novel
audio performed by: Kate Rudd
genre: Women's Fiction - Womens Fiction
publication date:09/12/2023


In this emotional story from Starlight Cove, a single mother must solve the mystery of the town theater to learn why it was shut down and stop the unknown forces trying to keep it closed.

Newly divorced Lily Kimura returns to her hometown to start fresh with her daughter and her recently retired parents. She’s committed to rebuilding her life, starting with a new job at the town theater.

The Starlight Cove Playhouse has been closed for years, ever since a tragic fire took the life of the lead actress. Now, thanks to an anonymous donor, the town is finally ready for a revival. So is Lily, who wholeheartedly dives into her new duties as theater manager, including an unexpected connection with the visiting movie star playing the lead.

But strange noises, sinister messages, and a mysterious play hidden in the rafters soon make it clear that not everyone is keen to move on. Someone wants the playhouse closed for good.

With the help of an old friend turned local police officer, Dean Harrington, Lily digs into the truth behind every question, threat, and possibility presented to her. She’s just not sure if Starlight Cove will be ready for the answers, or if, as they say, the show will go on.

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