Measure of Silence, The

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Measure of Silence, The

Measure of Silence, The

A Novel

By: Elizabeth Langston

audio performed by: Austenne Grey
genre: Women's Fiction - Womens Fiction
publication date:07/18/2023


Two sisters fulfilling their grandfather’s dying wish uncover decades of secrets in a powerful novel about family, truth, and forgiveness.

Dallas, Dealey Plaza, 1963. Nineteen-year-old Mariah Byrne is following her dream of a career in photography. One moment she’s filled with joy and hope watching the president and Mrs. Kennedy drive past. In the next, the world—and Mariah’s life—is split into before and after. What follows, and the unconventional decisions Mariah makes, will affect her and her family forever.

Sixty years later, sisters Raine and Jessica grieve the death of their grandfather. For both his beloved grand girls, Papa leaves behind a last wish and an unexpected keepsake: the key to their grandmother Mariah’s hope chest. Explore its contents, he writes, and follow where they lead. But what secrets can their family history possibly hold?

Raine and Jessica unite to piece together the mystery of a past they never knew existed. But facts can’t reveal the whole story. With Mariah’s memories fading, the sisters struggle to understand her choices before the truth disappears forever.

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