9 Pillars of Resilience, The

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9 Pillars of Resilience, The

9 Pillars of Resilience, The

The Proven Path to Master Stress, Slow Aging, and Increase Vitality

By: Dr. Stephen I. Sideroff

audio performed by: George Newbern
genre: Miscellaneous - Health/Diet
publication date:06/04/2024


Stress is a fact of life—and it’s necessary for success.

Discover a holistic methodology based on 9 key pillars to help you thrive even in the midst of overwhelming stress.

Individuals at all levels of society and income are feeling the exhausting effects of economic uncertainty, political upheaval, international conflict, the pandemic, and environmental devastation. This timely book offers effective approaches for overcoming everyday challenges, presenting you with the tools you need to neutralize stress, build resilience, and live a balanced life.

Drawing on over 40 years of experience, Dr. Stephen I. Sideroff equips you with the techniques needed to adjust the mind and body to the evolutionary mismatch posed by modern forms of stress.

Empower yourself to conquer stress, enhance resilience, and improve overall wellness and longevity through an innovative approach that will help you:

  • Prosper with stress rather than letting it weigh you down
  • Maintain good brain health for optimal performance
  • Implement recovery techniques for many common ailments
  • Improve emotional awareness
  • Enhance feelings of self-worth, happiness, and satisfaction
  • Maximize your energy and focus

Featuring a 6-page personal guide and assessment to support you on your journey, The 9 Pillars of Resilience makes it simple to establish lifelong physical, emotional, and mental patterns for mastering stress, increasing longevity, and living a joyful, balanced life.

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