Last Man in Paradise, The

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Last Man in Paradise, The

Last Man in Paradise, The

By: Syed M. Masood

audio performed by: Vikas Adam
genre: Literary Fiction - Literary Fiction
publication date:06/04/2024


A darkly humorous and emotional homecoming story about a young man reconciling with his estranged family and finding the way back to love, from the author of The Bad Muslim Discount.

A decade ago, Azaan, a rebellious teenager with dreams of becoming an actor, was exiled from Redding, California to a religious academy in Egypt by his imam father. His crime? Getting caught kissing Madison, the girlfriend he isn’t supposed to have.

But while letting his family believe he is studying to become a preacher, Azaan ditched school and embarked on an acting career. Given that he has minimal contact and nonexistent plans to return home, he figured no one would ever know.

Now, however, Azaan’s grandfather has a dying wish: he wants to see his grandson one last time. In order to maintain the story he’s told his family for years, Azaan decides to become a fake imam. Playing at being a religious leader, he finds a community in Redding on the brink of a scandal involving his family. It’ll be the most challenging role of his life.

Navigating his new identity and old relationships, Azaan reunites with Madison, connects with old friends, and uncovers a shocking truth about his family history that threatens to expose his father as a fraud. It turns out, Azaan isn’t the only one pretending to be something he isn’t.

Before he can finish weighing the consequences of exposing his father or protecting him, an untimely death shakes Azaan's priorities. He is forced to grapple with his religion, future, and family in a way that is sure to break hearts, but might heal a few along the way.

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