Falling Down

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Falling Down

Falling Down

By: Chuck Hogan, Guillermo del Toro

series:The Boy in the Iron Box #1
audio performed by: Ralph Ineson
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Horror
publication date:07/01/2024


A group of mercenaries on an unsanctioned mission survives a plane crash in whiteout conditions in the Tian Shan mountains. The men are accustomed to danger. Now they’re growing accustomed to fear.

Team leader Liev and his band of survivors are stranded in the bitter winds with little hope of rescue—or outlasting the wolves that have scented blood. In the distance is the apparent sanctuary of an abandoned stone fortress. That an ancient bulwark even exists on this forsaken summit is beyond comprehension. So is what lies on the other side of its walls.

From Academy Award–winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro comes Falling Down, chapter one of The Boy in the Iron Box, a blood-chilling serialized novel about an ancient secret that was never meant to be unleashed, featuring exclusive interior artwork. Each chapter can be read or listened to in one breathless sitting.

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