Action at Velasquez

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Action at Velasquez

Action at Velasquez

By: W. G. Schreiber

genre: Fiction - Western
publication date:08/27/2013
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Meet Blair Saunders. She’s pretty, intelligent, successful, and nice—and someone wants her dead. All fingers point to Richard Larson, the handsome, up-and-coming contractor who can’t build his shopping mall unless Blair sells her land. The threatening phone calls were bad enough, but now he is striking out at the things that mean the most to her—her car, her business, even her dog—and Blair is truly frightened. All her friends are begging her to sell. But she made a solemn promise to her family that she’d always take care of the ranch. She can’t let it be torn down when it’s all she has left! Blair contacts the police, but they won’t arrest Richard unless she can find some proof. And, she has to admit, her stubbornness has made her more than one enemy. It seems everyone in Morgan Hill wants that mall built except her. Blair doesn’t know whom to trust. If Richard is telling the truth, she’s in worse trouble than she knows.

And Richard may be the only one who can save her life!

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