Jeeves and Wooster Vol. 1

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Jeeves and Wooster Vol. 1

Jeeves and Wooster Vol. 1

A Radio Dramatization

By: P.G. Wodehouse

audio performed by: Jerry Robbins, The Colonial Radio Players, J.T. Turner
genre: Fiction - Full cast audio drama
publication date:10/18/2016


Jeeves Takes Charge: In which the incomparable silly-ass Bertie Wooster makes the acquaintance of the world's foremost Gentleman's Personal Gentleman, Jeeves. Together, they are thrust into a dashed tricky situation concerning Uncle Willoughby's memoirs. The manuscript is sheer dynamite, and Bertie's love life will be ruined if he doesn't prevent it reaching the publishers. It's up to Jeeves to save the day... Extricating Young Gussie: On the instructions of his fearsome Aunt Agatha, Bertie is packed off to New York, ordered to prevent his cousin Gussie Mannering-Phipps from going into vaudeville. But the involvement of a beautiful girl named Ray, of all things, threatens to complicate matters. Jeeves has all the answers, of course, but Bertie may regret asking for his counsel.