Score That Matters, The

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Score That Matters, The

Score That Matters, The

Growing Excellence in Yourself and Those You Lead

By: Brook Cupps, Ryan Hawk

audio performed by: Ryan Hawk, Brook Cupps
genre: Business - Business-Leadership
publication date:03/26/2024


USA Today Bestseller

An indispensable guide to redefining success and sustaining excellence based on who you are and what you value from the authors of The Pursuit of Excellence and Surrender the Outcome

People love to keep score. Managers keep score of a range of business metrics: market share, revenue, profit margin, growth rate. In our personal lives, social media has us keeping score by likes and followers.

These external scores are outcome-driven and serve as proof of our success—money, fame, material possessions, wins—but this constant chase for more validation often leaves us feeling exhausted and empty.

In The Score That Matters, Ryan Hawk and Brook Cupps show that the internal score is what matters most—it reveals whether we are living in alignment with our purpose and values. It also measures how we are leading ourselves and others, prompting us to:

  • Differentiate between the two scoreboards that run our life
  • Use our fear as fuel
  • Avoid the poison of comparison
  • Embrace the mundanity of excellence
  • Regulate our emotional thermostat
  • Create a mentality for attacking adversity

Offering both descriptive and prescriptive advice and anecdotes, The Score That Matters will help you discover and master the process that unlocks true fulfillment and happiness: discover your purpose, identify your values, create your critical behaviors and support these, and live them faithfully every day in all aspects of your life.

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