Nothing Can Erase You

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Nothing Can Erase You

Nothing Can Erase You

A Thriller

By: Michel Bussi

audio performed by: Caroline Hewitt
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:06/04/2024


From the author of After the Crash comes a gripping new thriller about one woman’s descent into grief and madness after her ten-year-old son disappears without a trace.

Maddi Libéri is a successful doctor living an idyllic life in the South of France. On the morning of her son’s tenth birthday, they walk to the beach together. The boy presses for a quick swim, but when the surf is too rough, she sends him off to buy a baguette instead.

He never returns.

Ten years later, Maddi stands at the spot where she last saw her son. A pilgrimage of sorts. And she can’t believe her eyes. There, standing at the water’s edge, is a young boy—and he looks exactly like her son. Same face, same suit…even the same birthmark.

Rattled, Maddi becomes obsessed with the boy. She upends her life to get closer to him. And the more she learns about her son’s doppelgänger, the more unhinged she becomes. Dangerous secrets brought to light put people’s lives at risk, and plot twists reveal truths you’ll never see coming.

This book contains a few occurrences of upside-down text.

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