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By: Dwain Worrell

series:Androne #2
audio performed by: Gary Tiedemann, Aida Reluzco
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:06/11/2024


It’s a fight for the future as the past aims to destroy the present in the mind-blowing sequel to Androne by screenwriter Dwain Worrell.

As an orphaned girl, Harmony survived a strange war waged by an enemy called the Quondam. They crushed every technological advancement in the world, eviscerated the landscape, and killed millions. It can still be stopped. As prophesied, Harmony has a destiny to fulfill.

Thirty years later, she is in a tenuous alliance with a cult of zealots who worship time itself. A master code breaker, she’s enlisted to obliterate the power of the Quondam and prevent a war that has already ended. The mission is a success. And with it, Harmony’s new moniker of Peacemaker is enshrined. But as Harmony is warned: There’s something else out there.

She’s finding out what it is—alongside a close-knit group of allies and one fearless sergeant who rescued her so many years ago. The war with the past may be over, but as the Church of Time reveals its biggest mystery, the war with the future has just begun.

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