Girl, Missing

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Girl, Missing

Girl, Missing

By: Ryan Carter, Dreda Say Mitchell

audio performed by: Sophie Roberts
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Crime Fiction
publication date:06/01/2024


“A fast-paced, twisting thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page" Paula Hawkins, International Bestselling author, The Girl on the Train.

What really happened to Sara-Jane?

It’s been fifteen years since Gem’s eight-year-old daughter Sara-Jane went missing, snatched with her best friend Abby right outside their school. A frantic search united the community at first, but after Abby was found and brought home, single mother Gem’s dogged persistence only led to accusations that she was stirring up class tensions. Even that she was somehow involved.

When Gem hears that human remains have been unearthed in the school’s chapel, she casts aside the new life she’s carefully built around herself and returns to the community that closed ranks against her all those years ago. Someone there knows something, she’s sure of it. And when Sara-Jane’s belongings start appearing on her doorstep, Gem knows she’s getting close—dangerously close—to the truth.

One thing’s for certain: it’s not just the remains in the chapel that have lain hidden for years. Can Gem unravel the dark secrets that might lead to Sara-Jane? Or has blind hope lured her into a web she’ll never escape?

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