Final Strike

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Final Strike

Final Strike

By: Jeff Wheeler

series:The Dresden Codex #3
audio performed by: Kate Rudd
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:05/21/2024


Time is running out as an apocalyptic prophecy comes to bear in a breathtaking thriller by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler.

As a plague of the gods spreads throughout the world, two men face the end times on opposing sides of good and evil.

It began as a death-defying ritual in the Yucatán. Jonathon Roth and his family were pawns in an inconceivable endgame. Jacob Calakmul was its depraved and mystifying mastermind destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy, destroy the government, and bring about his personal Armageddon. Exposing the unbelievable truth to the authorities has made Roth’s life a nightmare.

Roth is under FBI protection in DC. His sons may be safe, but his wife has disappeared, and his daughter, Suki—a girl gifted with a special magic—is now Calakmul’s captive. She and her father are the keys to making Calakmul’s plot a horrifying reality. It’s already in motion. A deadly plague released in Cozumel and rooted in ancient mythology will wipe out cities across the globe so fast it’s impossible to imagine the near future. But Calakmul can. His prophesized end of days is here. And only Roth and Suki can stop it.

To save their family, and all of humanity, what will Roth and his daughter risk? And what must they sacrifice in a final match with the ascending ruler of a terrifying new world order?

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