Blood Red Summer

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Blood Red Summer

Blood Red Summer

A Thriller

By: Eryk Pruitt

series:Jess Keeler Thrillers #2
audio performed by: Khristine Hvam, JD Jackson, Stephen Graybill, Aaron Shedlock
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Police Procedural
publication date:05/14/2024


Second in the Jess Keeler Thrillers series, this moody installment follows the podcaster’s investigation of one brutal, bloody summer in a former mill town and the shocking truths brought to light.

Hot on the heels of her podcast debut, Jess Keeler looks for another unsolved crime to investigate—this time with a documentary crew in tow. But she can’t seem to find the right case…until a handsome stranger approaches her in a bar in Lake Castor, Virginia, with an incredible story about wrongful conviction.

The Lake Castor sniper struck in 1984. Terrorizing the historically Black part of the old mill town, the killer claimed five lives. No one seemed worried about the first four victims. But when journalist Hal Broadstreet was killed, the police were suddenly interested. They arrested a suspect two days later.

But did they get the right man?

As evidence emerges pointing to a false confession and a murky connection to three bootleggers’ murders, Jess closes in on the truth—and risks landing in the sights of the true sniper.

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